HAMP Basics

Posted by kevin on April 7, 2014 under Foreclosure Blog | Comments are off for this article

The first rule is that HAMP, the government program for mortgage modifications, does not apply to government loans. If FANNIE or FREDDIE bought the loan (whether for their own portfolio or sold to investors), HAMP does not apply. We will deal with this in later blogs.

Other basics:

2. HAMP applies to first lien mortgages originated on or before January 1, 2009.
3. HAMP applies to condo’s, coop’s and manufactured housing if state lien law makes mortgage a lien on real estate.
4. The property securing the mortgage loan has not been condemned and is habitable.
5. Borrower has a documented financial hardship and does not have sufficient other assets to pay mortgage as currently stated.
6. Borrower agrees to escrow for taxes and insurance (if not doing already) prior to any trial period.
7. The unpaid principal balance prior to capitalization is not greater than $729,750 for 1 Unit, $934,200 for 2 Unit, $1,129,250 for 3 Unit and $1,403,400 for 4 Unit.
8. The mortgage is secured by a one to four unit property.
9. The borrower has submitted an initial package for modification on or before December 31, 2015 and the modification effective date is on or before September 30, 2016.

If you have followed my blogs, you know that I believe that HAMP is not bad on paper, but problematic in its implementation. Servicers still jerk people around, and borrowers cannot look to the courts for help unless they have a temporary modification. But, with the courts clamping down on defenses and looking the other way on evidence issues, it may be the best game in town at this point. So, look into it. Time is running out.